• Women in Love (unabridged)

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D.H. Lawrence’s fiery fifth novel Women in Love beams and dazzles with its heated philosophical discussions on modern society and the nature of love. Henry James’s late masterpiece The Ambassadors explores similar themes with its principled protagonist’s late awakening. Meanwhile, for younger listeners, Worzel Gummidge returns for more mischief and mayhem in the celebrated series’ third instalment, and an exciting snapshot of eight world-changing innovations is introduced in More Great Inventors and Their Inventions.

Women in Love (unabridged)

Women in Love continues the loves and lives of The Rainbow’s Brangwen sisters, Gudrun and Ursula. Things are far from harmonious, and the discord and conflict of their relationships leads to many heated and elaborate philosophical discussions. Lawrence held this to be his best book and F.R. Leavis his most profound.

The Ambassadors (unabridged)

A rewarding portrait about one man’s late awakening, The Ambassadors is the second novel of James’s celebrated late period. When American Lambert Strether is sent to Paris to collect his fiancée’s son, he finds his views begin to change, and the morality of Woollett, his hometown, becomes foreign, and the ‘ambassador’ loses sight of his mission…

More About Worzel Gummidge (unabridged)

More About Worzel Gummidge is the third of the Worzel novels by Barbara Euphan Todd. John and Susan are back at Scatterbrook for the Easter holidays. Together with Worzel, they embark on all sorts of escapades, which include Worzel getting stuck in a chimney and becoming a star attraction at the visiting circus.

More Great Inventors (unabridged)

From the steam engine and motorcars to the invention of cinema and television, More Great Inventors and Their Inventions explores the creation of eight great innovations, and the minds behind them. Narrated by the much-loved Benjamin Soames, it is a marvellous snapshot that will spark the imagination of younger listeners (and their parents!).

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