• The Possessed (unabridged)

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Constantine Gregory returns with a brilliant reading of Dostoyevsky’s The Possessed, a striking political novel that counters liberalism and nihilism, and eerily predicted the events of the Russian Revolution. Katie Scarfe reads Mirabai Starr’s acclaimed translation of Revelations of Divine Love, essential listening for Christians, and Anna Bentinck narrates Thomas Hardy’s unique and thrilling first novel, Desperate Remedies.

The Possessed (unabridged)

Also known as Demons, The Possessed is Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s powerful socio-political novel about revolutionary ideas and the radicals behind them. Funny, shocking and tragic, it is an affecting work with deep philosophical discourses about God, human freedom and political revolution.

Revelations of Divine Love (unabridged)

Revelations of Divine Love is Julian of Norwich’s profound and liberal take on the nature of God. The first published book in English attributed to a woman, Revelations illuminates God’s loving nature. It contains some of the most remarkable spiritual writing ever written and remains a perennial favourite among Christians.

Desperate Remedies (unabridged)

Thomas Hardy’s first published novel, Desperate Remedies is a thrilling blend of Gothic mystery and love-triangle romance. With its beautiful and evocative scenes, along with themes of fate and class, the novel contains many traces of Hardy’s signature style, and is a unique take on the Victorian ‘sensation’ novel.

In Memoriam

It is with sadness that we acknowledge the death of Jinananda (a.k.a. Duncan Steen). Born in 1952 and ordained into the Western Buddhist Order in 1986, Jinananda taught meditation and Buddhism at City Lit, the LSE and the West London Buddhist Centre, where he was also chairman. For Naxos AudioBooks he wrote and read The Middle Way, Meditation – the Buddhist Way and Karma and Rebirth – In a Nutshell. He also read Nietzsche’s The Birth of Tragedy and On the Genealogy of Morals, and his 2010 recording of Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations topped the Audible.com non-fiction chart in December 2017 – the same month in which he died. Our sympathy goes to his family.

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