• Dead Souls (unabridged)

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Lyrical, humorous and beguiling, Nikolai Gogol’s pioneering Russian classic Dead Souls will captivate listeners in a new recording by Nicholas Boulton. The book takes a sharp look at life in Russia and influenced many of the country’s later writers, including Dostoyevsky and Bulgakov. Aphra Behn’s 17th-century adventure tale Oroonoko, which follows the plight of an African prince who is sold into slavery, is read with great poise by Clare Wille; and one of the 17th century’s most influential political and philosophical texts, Thomas Hobbes’s Leviathan, is presented with refreshing clarity by Peter Wickham.

Dead Souls (unabridged)

One of the most influential Russian novels written, Dead Souls is a sharp and humorous look at life in Russia, with its landowners and serfs. It is sometimes described as the Pickwick Papers of Russian Literature and contains a rich and vibrant cast of characters – here brought to life in an enthralling recording by Nicholas Boulton.

Oroonoko (unabridged)

Clare Wille gives us Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko, a vivid love story and heroic slave narrative about a royal prince and his fight for freedom. The book was groundbreaking at the time and is considered to be one of the first novels written in English – by one of the first English women to earn her living by writing.

Leviathan (unabridged)

Leviathan stands out as one of the most influential political and philosophical texts of the 17th century. It argues for the restoration of the monarchy, in light of the Republic, and targets Christianity and contemporary philosophic methods. Peter Wickham’s elegant and personable reading makes Hobbes’s work immediately accessible.

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