• The Mimic Men (unabridged)

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Booker and Nobel Prize-winning author V.S. Naipaul’s sixth novel, The Mimic Men, receives its world-premiere audiobook release in a stirring recording by Sam Dastor. No stranger to controversy, Naipaul has been praised for his level of perception and incorruptible scrutiny. The Mimic Men is a brilliant showcase of these talents. We also have The Confessions of St Augustine, a fascinating autobiography by one of Christianity’s most influential thinkers, and the first in Trollope’s series of six Palliser novels, Can You Forgive Her?, read by David Shaw-Parker.

The Mimic Men (unabridged)

V.S. Naipaul’s sixth novel, The Mimic Men, shimmers in an evocative reading by Sam Dastor. Former West-Indian government minister Ralph Singh is the perpetual outsider: displaced, disillusioned, and now living in exile, he finds himself haunted by the searing effects of colonialism.

The Confessions of St Augustine (unabridged)

Mark Meadows gives us St Augustine’s Confessions, a fascinating look at the life of an eminent Christian thinker. Widely seen as one of the first Western autobiographies ever written, it chronicles the life and religious struggles of Augustine of Hippo, providing compelling theological and philosophical insights along the way.

Can You Forgive Her? (unabridged)

David Shaw-Parker returns with the first in Trollope’s series of six Palliser novels, Can You Forgive Her? Brimming with romance, humour and pathos, the novel follows the fortunes and misfortunes of young Alice Vavasor as she is torn between two suitors: the kind but dull Mr Grey and her dangerous and exciting cousin, George.

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