• The Hearing Trumpet (unabridged)

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Strange rituals, orgiastic nuns, levitating abbesses, animalistic humans, humanistic animals, a search for the Holy Grail and a plan to escape to Lapland and knit a tent are all part of Leonora Carrington’s surrealist classic, The Hearing Trumpet. A House for Mr Biswas, by Nobel and Booker Prize winner V.S. Naipaul, also makes its audiobook debut, and John Cleland’s controversial classic Fanny Hill is brought to life in a new unabridged recording. We also have the second of Barbara Euphan Todd’s Worzel novels, Worzel Gummidge Again.

The Hearing Trumpet (unabridged)

The Hearing Trumpet is a surreal and splendidly unconventional tale about an occult old ladies’ home and the spry nonagenarian who ends up there. It is an exhilarating journey brimming with laugh-out-loud humour and absurd lunacy. A world-premiere recording, the audiobook is read with inimitable charm and character by Siân Phillips.

A House for Mr Biswas (unabridged)

A House for Mr Biswas, by Nobel and Booker Prize-winning author V.S. Naipaul, is a powerful novel about one man’s struggle for identity and belonging. Preceded by The Mimic Men, it is the second V.S. Naipaul novel to be published by Naxos AudioBooks. Narrator Sam Dastor illuminates Naipaul’s lush and sensual descriptions of Trinidad.

Fanny Hill (unabridged)

Considered the foremost example of English erotic fiction, Fanny Hill traces the rise of its heroine from prostitution to middle-class respectability. It is one of the most prosecuted and banned books in history, and was the subject of several lawsuits until as recently as the 1960s. Clare Corbett gives great character to this controversial classic.

Worzel Gummidge Again (unabridged)

The second of Barbara Euphan Todd’s Worzel novels, Worzel Gummidge Again sees the walking, talking scarecrow back for another set of adventures. Worzel takes on roles as a schoolteacher, handyman and policeman, each with a chaotic outcome. Reader Jessica Martin gives new life to the popular series.

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Worzel Gummidge (unabridged)

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