• The Compleat Angler (unabridged)

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Sir Derek Jacobi, David Timson and Sean Barrett lead a full cast recording of The Compleat Angler, Izaak Walton and Charles Cotton’s celebration of the relaxed and reflective lifestyle of the devoted fisherman. The audiobook contains original song compositions and gives new life to the authors’ unique music, rhymes, poetry, and humour. Juliet Stevenson returns to read The Wings of the Dove, one of Henry James’s celebrated later novels, and Liza Ross gives a charming performance of Good Wives, the sequel to Louisa May Alcott’s children’s classic, Little Women.

The Compleat Angler (unabridged)

The Compleat Angler will delight any outdoors enthusiast. As winding as a quiet brook and as bountiful as a bursting riverbank, the book sheds a unique light on fishing, baiting and cooking through its dialogues between teacher and student. Sean Barrett and David Timson lead a cast of top actors, with Sir Derek Jacobi as Izaak Walton.

The Wings of the Dove (unabridged)

One of the finest audiobook readers around, Juliet Stevenson follows her gripping recording of The Portrait of a Lady with The Wings of the Dove, Henry James’s celebrated later novel. The book follows the life of Milly Theale, a young, wealthy American who forms an intimate friendship with an impoverished young Englishwoman.

Good Wives (unabridged)

Good Wives, the sequel to Louisa May Alcott’s beloved children’s classic, Little Women, is read with warmth and character by Liza Ross. The book picks up where Little Women left off and follows the March sisters as they mature into adulthood. It is presented for the junior audience as always with attractive classical music.

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