• The Empty House and Other Stories

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From the foundations of Western history and evolutionary biology to strange disappearances and things that go bump in the night: here is July’s extraordinary potpourri!

The Empty House and Other Stories (unabridged)

An abandoned house whose horrific past is re-enacted for those who dare visit; a terrifying trip down the Danube river; a malevolent half-beast creature who abducts a member of a hunting party; and a tale of paranoia, mental deterioration and all-consuming feelings of doom: Algernon Blackwood’s spine-tingling tales are classics of the genre, and were among H.P. Lovecraft’s favourite stories.

Histories (unabridged)

David Timson reads Herodotus’ Histories, the first prose history in European civilisation. Here are the great battles – Marathon, Thermopylae, Salamis – and other heroic tales that trace the growth of the Persian Empire. The book was recently brought to attention through the fantasy war film 300, and is considered essential reading for anyone interested in the ancient world.

Lady Audley’s Secret

Mystery, mayhem, madness and despair: Lady Audley’s Secret is a gripping sensation novel. When widower George Talboys suddenly disappears, suspicions soon arise and Robert Audley, Lady Audley’s nephew-in-law, takes up the case. The book rivals some of Wilkie Collins’s best work, and was revered by Robert Louis Stevenson, Charles Dickens and Henry James.

On the Origin of Species (unabridged)

On the Origin of Species is perhaps the most influential science book ever written, having revolutionised the fields of science, philosophy and religion. Its theory that populations evolve and adapt through natural selection continues to create heated debate to this very day. With its clear, concise and surprisingly enjoyable prose, it is both captivating and edifying.

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