• The Age of Innocence (unabridged)

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Celebrate freedom and expression with two American originals: Walt Whitman and Edith Wharton. From Whitman’s vast plains, to Wharton’s Gilded Age, both writers offered subversive, alternative visions that are both powerful and enlightening. And for those who like a good bit of swashbuckling, The Further Adventures of Zorro won’t disappoint!

The Age of Innocence (unabridged)

Edith Wharton’s The Age of Innocence is a powerful depiction of love and desire in New York’s glamorous Gilded Age. When Newland Archer, happily engaged to May Welland, meets his fiancée’s cousin Ellen, his entire future is cast into doubt. In subtle and elegant language, Wharton delivers a critical look at the social mores of the time.

The Further Adventures of Zorro (unabridged)

The swashbuckling sequel to The Mark of Zorro sees the daring hero out for revenge once more. After Captain Ramon kidnaps the beautiful Lolita Pulido, Zorro takes to the seas and battles pirates in a bid to win her back. Swordfights, death traps and disastrously tight corners await him. But it is never much more than a challenge for the gallant caballero.

The Great Poets – Walt Whitman (selections)

Seer, prophet, visionary, preacher, Walt Whitman stands out as one of poetry’s towering anomalies: his passionate vehemence, his faith in the common man, and his unflinching pursuit of the truth inspired generations of writers to come. Veteran audiobook reader Garrick Hagon reads a selection of the poet’s greatest verse.

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