• The Aspern Papers (unabridged)

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Naxos AudioBooks closes spring with a thrilling Henry James novel, a classic adventure story by Robert Louis Stevenson, and the original Boy Scout manual by Robert Baden-Powell.

The Aspern Papers

In The Aspern Papers, a cold and ruthless literary biographer travels to Venice on the trail of personal letters belonging to the deceased American poet Jeffrey Aspern. Just how far will he go to get what he wants? Will morality confront his personal ambition and literary curiosity?

Kidnapped (unabridged)

Kidnapped is a captivating novel set around Scottish events of the 18th century. When the naïve David Balfour sets out on his quest for a long-lost relative, he is plunged into a world of infamy and violence from which there seems no escape – until, that is, he meets the enigmatic and valiant Highlander, Alan Breck…

Scouting for Boys

Tracking, woodcraft, camping, chivalry and fortitude: Scouting for Boys is the original Boy Scout manual. Providing fun facts, and covering a range of activities and games, this value-laden how-to book teaches all the essentials of scoutcraft. It was the fourth bestselling book of the 20th century, after the Bible, the Koran and Mao’s Red Book.

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