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Derek Jacobi

Derek Jacobi

Derek Jacobi is one of Britain’s leading actors, having made his mark on stage, film and television – and notably on audiobook. He is particularly known for the roles of I Claudius and Brother Caedfael, both of which he has recorded for audiobook. His extensive theatrical credits, from London’s West End to Broadway, include numerous roles encompassing the whole range of theatre. He also reads The History of Theatre, The History of English Literature and Lives of the Twelve Caesars for Naxos AudioBooks.

Titles read by Derek Jacobi
The Compleat Angler (unabridged)
Faust (abridged)
The Finest Nonsense of Edward Lear (selections)
The History of English Literature (unabridged)
The History of English Poetry (unabridged)
The History of Theatre (unabridged)
The Lives of the Twelve Caesars (abridged)
The Great Poets – John Milton (selections)
The Essential John Milton (selections)