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Sean Barrett

Sean Barrett

Sean Barrett started acting as a boy on BBC children’s television in the days before colour, when it went out live. He grew up through Z Cars, Armchair Theatre, Minder and Father Ted. His theatre credits include Peter Pan at the old Scala Theatre and Noël Coward’s Suite in 3 Keys in the West End. Films include War & Peace, Dunkirk and A Cry from the Streets. He was a member of the BBC Radio Drama Company. He also features in Molloy, Malone Dies, The Unnamable, The Voice of the Buddha and Canterbury Tales III and read the part of Vladimir in Waiting for Godot for Naxos AudioBooks and the part of Nakata in Kafka on the Shore.

Titles read by Sean Barrett
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (unabridged)
Barnaby Rudge (abridged)
Barnaby Rudge (unabridged)
Bleak House (abridged)
Bleak House (unabridged)
The Canterbury Tales III (unabridged)
The Clumsy Ghost and Other Spooky Tales (unabridged)
The Compleat Angler (unabridged)
Life & Works – Antonín Dvořák (unabridged)
Faust (abridged)
The Go-Between (unabridged)
In a Glass Darkly (unabridged)
Julius Caesar (unabridged)
Malone Dies (unabridged)
The Man Who Would Be King and Other Stories (unabridged)
Martin Chuzzlewit (abridged)
Martin Chuzzlewit (unabridged)
Molloy (unabridged)
The Moonstone (unabridged)
The Pleasures of the Garden (selections)
Rob Roy (unabridged)
Life & Works – Franz Schubert (unabridged)
Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There (unabridged)
The Unnamable (unabridged)
The Voice of the Buddha (compilation)
Waiting for Godot (unabridged)
The Wealth of Nations (abridged)