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Nigel Anthony

Nigel Anthony

Nigel Anthony is one of Britain’s leading voice actors with wide experience of reading for audiobooks and on radio. His extensive work for BBC Radio has won him two awards. Audiobook credits include The Lady of the Camellias, The Alexandria Quartet, Robinson Crusoe and The Life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the part of Sir Reginald de Courcy in Lady Susan, all for Naxos AudioBooks.

Titles read by Nigel Anthony
The Alexandria Quartet (abridged)
Balthazar (abridged)
Clea (abridged)
Life & Works – Joseph Haydn (unabridged)
Henry V (unabridged)
Justine (abridged)
The Lady of the Camellias (abridged)
Lady Susan (unabridged)
Mountolive (abridged)
Nostromo (abridged)
Nostromo (unabridged)
Robinson Crusoe (abridged)
Waiting for Godot (unabridged)