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Welcome to April at Naxos AudioBooks!

April brings a deliciously mixed bag from Naxos AudioBooks.

‘Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains.’ So begins The Social Contract by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, an exhilarating look at society and the definition of democracy. Read by Neville Jason, from a new translation by Ian Johnston, Rousseau’s work is an accessible, endlessly quotable text for anyone interested in politics and the big questions that determine human affairs.

Joseph Conrad’s Lord Jim is a powerful novel about the extremes of pride and self-delusion. After abandoning a ship with hundreds of ethnic travellers on board, Jim is forced to face his guilt and redeem himself. Ric Jerrom reads this masterwork of colonial literature, conjuring up a great sense of atmosphere and delighting in Conrad’s poetic language.

Also this month, John Telfer reads Fielding’s witty first novel Joseph Andrews a classic comedy of errors. Fielding, the expert satirist and author of Shamela, follows the picaresque adventures of Joseph and his tutor Parson Adams as they aim to find Joseph’s sweetheart, Fanny. This is the first complete recording of Fielding’s great comic work.

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New Releases – April 2015

Joseph Andrews (unabridged)

Joseph Andrews

Lord Jim (unabridged)

Lord Jim

The Social Contract (unabridged)

The Social Contract

The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Volume III: 1667-1669 (unabridged)

The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Volume III: 1667-1669

Les Misérables (unabridged)

Les Misérables

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