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Welcome to November at Naxos AudioBooks!

As the festive season dawns upon us and a winter chill fills the air, Naxos AudioBooks brings you a delightfully mixed bag of fireside listening.

The dazzling vocal ability of Kenneth Williams, perhaps best known for his work on the Carry On films, is evident in a lively performance of Monkey, Arthur Waley’s rendition of the Chinese classic Journey to the West. Gods, demons and disobedient monkey spirits all come alive in this entertaining work.

The Faerie Queene, by Edmund Spenser, is a remarkable poem that remains in the memory long after it has been heard. Dedicated to Queen Elizabeth I, it is a celebration of both the great queen herself and of ‘Glory in general’. David Timson’s mellifluous and authoritative tone does full justice to the ballast of Spenser’s work.

We release D.H. Lawrence’s controversial classic The Rainbow, a story of sexual curiosity and the constraints of class systems. The book follows the tempestuous lives and loves of three generations of the Brangwen family. Reader Paul Slack, a native of Lawrence country, delivers an invigorating and absorbing reading.

Lastly, Hugh Ross reads Hume’s breakthrough work, An Enquiry of Human Understanding, a fascinating exploration into the nature of human knowledge. No other philosopher has been at the forefront of the mind than David Hume: physics, psychology, neuroscience – connections to Hume are everywhere.

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Naxos AudioBooks – November 2015 New Releases

An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding (unabridged)

An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding

The Faerie Queene (unabridged)

The Faerie Queene

Monkey (unabridged)


The Rainbow (unabridged)

The Rainbow

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