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The Unnamable (unabridged)

Samuel Beckett

The Unnamable

Read by Sean Barrett


The Unnamable is the third novel in Becket’s trilogy, three remarkable prose works in which men of increasingly debilitating physical circumstances act, ponder, consider and rage against impermanence and the human condition. The Unnamable is without doubt the most uncompromising text and it is read here in startling fashion by Sean Barrett.

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5 CDs | Running Time: 5h 45m | ISBN: 978-962-634-337-1 | Cat. no.: NA533712 | RRP: £19.99RRP:£19.99 GBPSRP: US $ 34.98RRP:£19.99 GBP

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John Calder

Samuel Beckett: A Personal Memoir
John Calder, Samuel Beckett’s publisher for over thirty years, recounts their dynamic acquaintance.

Samuel Beckett: A Personal Memoir (MP3, 71 min., 12.3 MB)

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