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Andersen’s Fairy Tales (selections)

Hans Christian Andersen

Andersen’s Fairy Tales

Read by Erica Johns


The world of Hans Christian Andersen is seen through the eyes of children. There is the everyday wonder of an ugly duckling being transformed into a swan; the puffed-up Emperor being fooled by his own importance; the tender tragedy of a little match girl; the upright honesty of John rewarded by his travelling companion. By bringing true feelings to these stories, Andersen’s tales have become part of universal folklore.

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2 CDs | Running Time: 2h 34m | ISBN: 978-962-634-012-7 | Cat. no.: NA201212 | RRP: £10.99RRP:£10.99 GBPSRP: US $ 17.98RRP:£10.99 GBP

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Purchase Individual Stories from Andersen’s Fairy Tales

Author Title Reader Runtime Filesize Price  
Hans Christian AndersenThe Emperor’s New ClothesErica Johns12 mins.5 MB£1.79€1.92 + VATUS $ 2.50£1.49 GBPBuy trackBuy trackBuy trackBuy track
Hans Christian AndersenThe TinderboxErica Johns19 mins.7 MB£1.79€1.92 + VATUS $ 2.50£1.49 GBPBuy trackBuy trackBuy trackBuy track
Hans Christian AndersenThe Travelling CompanionErica Johns44 mins.16 MB£4.19€4.49 + VATUS $ 6.00£3.49 GBPBuy trackBuy trackBuy trackBuy track
Hans Christian AndersenThe Ugly DucklingErica Johns27 mins.10 MB£2.59€2.75 + VATUS $ 3.60£2.16 GBPBuy trackBuy trackBuy trackBuy track
Hans Christian AndersenThe Little Match GirlErica Johns7 mins.3 MB£0.99€1.07 + VATUS $ 1.20£0.83 GBPBuy trackBuy trackBuy trackBuy track
Hans Christian AndersenThe SwineherdErica Johns12 mins.5 MB£1.79€1.92 + VATUS $ 2.50£1.49 GBPBuy trackBuy trackBuy trackBuy track
Hans Christian AndersenBig Claus and Little ClausErica Johns31 mins.11 MB£3.39€3.67 + VATUS $ 4.80£2.83 GBPBuy trackBuy trackBuy trackBuy track

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